The original concept had been to have a seafood market as well as a restaurant. So naturally they started off as just a seafood market and decided to grow into the restaurant side. Once they started the restaurant side however, business was kicking off well. The market side was eventually shut down to increase dining capacity.

Low Boil Shrimp

Jubilee Joe’s Crawfish Fest


Jubilee Joe’s Annual Crawfish Boil started in our parking lot. It was a great way to thank our customers for supporting us all year long. Initially, the event was held the third Wednesday of April as that is when we opened our doors!


Due to popular demand, the event was moved to a Saturday so we could celebrate all day! The event grew so large that we had to move it off-site. Didn’t want people crossing 150 anymore…even with our shuttle bus it was wonderful mayhem.


The event has now evolved into a week-long Crawfish Fest to accommodate the large crowds. We have live music throughout the week!